Sometimes we have an urgent need to talk to a doctor, but time, chance, and distance are the problem.

Sometimes, we develop some signs, symptoms, and feelings we can not interpret. But the long waiting hours and complex protocols in the hospitals are the problems.

Also, sometimes, we need a second opinion on our diagnosis or health plan.

We have hundreds of doctors, in different specialties, from other parts of the world who are ready to listen to you at your convenience just from the comfort of your home or office available 24/7.

Just Book an appointment today with us:

Pink Mobile Health is an online platform for online medical consultation with doctors. We have doctors from different countries and specialties ready to attend to you at a minimal cost.

To get started, go to, book an appointment. After payment, a doctor will be assigned to you depending on your complaints and need.

The Pink Mobile Health will eliminate the long waiting hours in the hospital, traveling a long distance to the hospital. Teenagers are usually shy to talk to a doctor. Now you can consult virtually.

Enjoy talking to a doctor from the comfort of your home and office.

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