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Monthly Payment Family Unlimited

an unlimited number of consultations for each member of the family. family of 6

NGN 10,000.00

Monthly payment Unlimited Individual

Unlimited Number of consultations for each Individual for a month

NGN 5,000.00

Monthly Payment Family of 6

Multiple consultations for each member, a maximum of 5 for each member.

NGN 8,000.00

Monthly Payment Family of 4

Multiple consultations for each member of the family, Maximum of 5 consultations for each member

NGN 5,000.00

Monthly Payment Individual

In this plan, you will pay once a month but you can call multiple times in a month maximum of 7 consultations

NGN 2,500.00

Pay as You Go

This is payment for a one-time consultation and e-prescription generated

NGN 2000

Specialist Consultation   N5,000